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Riddle Boatworks

Custom boat building & Restoration

Custom boat building & Restoration

If I had grown up on a sheep farm, I might be knitting wool sweaters for a living. But I didn’t (whew!). Instead, my brother and I spent most of our free time at our dad’s boatyard. Those were the days before fiberglass had taken hold so virtually all of the boats were made of wood and that kept the carpentry shop and paint shop busy.I remember the lead carpenter was an old, scraggly guy named Jim who was so good with a saw that he could split a pencil line in two. At least that’s what he told us until we were old enough to figure out that he was drawing on both edges of the cut after the fact! Anyway, I loved the tools, and the smell and even the light coming in the windows in that old wood shop.

The boatyard was sold soon after I left high school and not long after that, I started cutting down the middle of my own pencil lines. I’m not too old or scraggly yet but I’ve been around long enough to be pretty good at it now. So if you have a project in mind, I’d love to talk to you!

Call or email me any time to discuss a custom project ​of your own.

2676 Swygert Blvd., Johns Island, SC 29455